Paper Product Overhaul

Maybe it’s because I am getting older (today was my 32nd birthday…*sigh) but I am sick of spending money on crap.  I mean seriously, I feel like all day long I am just throwing money out the window…we work hard for our money damnit and I feel like Target gets way too much of it!  I went to said store the other day and walked out spending $85 on stuff to wipe butts, blow noses and wipe hands with.  I mean seriously!?!  I was fuming while packing up my car!

I’ll admit, while ranting about how much money I was wasting I did feel like a seriously old lady, but it brought me back to four years prior; when my husband and I were newly married and I had just graduated from Chiropractic College.  Like many newly weds, money was tight and I was trying to stick to some semblance of a budget when doing my weekly shopping.  Those were some funny times, I remember walking into my beloved Stew Leonard’s and seeing chicken thighs… I didn’t know that it was a cut people ate, it was chicken breast only in my family growing up (with the exception of a chicken wing) and I was totally shocked when I saw how cheap this stuff was.  I could literally buy three times the amount of chicken thighs that I could chicken breast… it was a no brainer!  Needless to say we had chicken thighs once a week early on J  Then I remembered one day after leaving Target, I headed over to Stew’s, while walking in I remembered that I had forgotten to buy Paper Towels… damnit!  No biggie, I would just grab a bulk pack while doing my groceries.. for those of you that don’t know, Stew Leonards has an associated liquor store located at the front of the market and it totes some pretty good prices on wine.  While in the checkout line I watched as my bill grew and grew, it was nearing the end and I was getting close to my target dollar amount.  The grand total was tallied and crap I was only three dollars shy of my budgeted amount and I hadn’t hit Stew’s liquor store yet… how was I going to get our weekly wine!  Decision time, so I did what any woman would do and said, “you know I’m not going to take the paper towels”.  Why was I going to spend fourteen dollars for paper towels when I have dish cloths that do the same thing… hell no, I can buy four bottles of the uber chic Tisdale for four bucks a pop.  I learned a lot more than just anatomy while in college thank you very much!  I smiled as I walked into the liquor store… good choice I thought to myself.

One might think that during those following weeks I missed our paper towels, but the truth is I didn’t.  I bought one single roll that week that lasted me almost three weeks; I really relied on my dish rags and towels to pick up messes and dry my hands.  Fast forward nearly 5 years and I am ashamed to say my household is addicted to paper towels!  We fly through them… it’s insane; and for someone who tries to be mindful of household waste it really turns my stomach how much of our weekly trash is unnecessary.

So while initially I may have gone on our limited paper products budget due to lack of funds, I think I am going to jump back on the bandwagon on principal.  I am no longer going to spend our hard-earned money on something whose sole purpose is to wipe up a mess and then be thrown out, to then fill up a landfill and contribute to our growing waste problems.  Starting tomorrow, cloth napkins, dish cloths and towels watch out, here I come!


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