Being a mom is an ongoing learning process

So you’re a mom…of course you’re doing the best you can but you can only be as good as what you know.  Like most mom’s I constantly worry about what my little ones are being exposed to on a daily basis, for this reason I breast fed, I buy organic products when I can I wash toys on a regular basis but sometimes I come across a product or an article that blows my mind and I have to adapt and make changes.  I recently found a company that I just absolutely love!  What is it… The Honest Company (THC) and it’s not just because I’m a fan of the uber cool president/CEO Jessica Alba but because their products are FANTASTIC!  Prior to rocking my world, I was using Huggies Naturals wipes for my little precious peanuts…. It says Natural and it’s the best option that I have at Target (which had sadly become my second home after the birth of my first baby).  Then I was introduced to THC and I figured I’d try their wipes…they were a few dollars more but nothing earth shattering.  Today I found a website where you are able to look up the toxic profile  of products…. OMG my “Naturals” (not surprising – they’re a Huggies product afterall) are not so natural and my new found love for THC grew stronger… check out the results!

Huggies :


Some may say “well Huggies only got a 3…it’s not so bad” and I would agree; but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.  We are constantly being bombarded by free-radicals, carcinogens etc. so if we make changes in the areas that we can, then we reduce our overall toxic overload.  This mom is sleeping a touch better now knowing I am wiping those sweet little tooshies a little more honestly…pun intended 🙂