My Shower My Sanity


My “I cannot live without” products that keep me feeling sane, safe and healthy.One of the first things that I do in the morning that really sets the tone for the day is take a shower.  I know, nothing earth shattering here… but it’s one of those things.  When I take an early morning shower, I feel like I can take on my 2 year and 10 month old no problem.  However, on those days when I sleep in and awake to my 2 year old standing next to my face smiling and crawling into bed (while I secretly revel in those moments) I know that my day is shot and that it will be 1 pm and I’ll still be in my pajamas.  Let me just say this, I am one of the least “morning” people ever, I hate waking up!  However, one thing that I have found that helps me get up and get going is the knowledge that I’m going to enjoy my shower.  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE new bath products… shampoo, clarifying rinse, exfoliator… it’s sad I know but it really gets me excited.  You can imagine my disappointment when I started learning about toxic chemicals and how prevalent they are in our personal care  products… BUMMER!  Luckily I was introduced to a company called Neal’s Yard Remedies (NYR).  First of all if you haven’t heard of NYR then you are in for a serious treat!  Most organic beauty product companies have a very limited number of items but NYR has been around since the 1981 and have been revamping and adding products since.  There are very few products that I have tried that I’m not in love with.  Not only do I love knowing that I am lathering my body in good-for-you products but they smell great and wake me up in all the right ways!  Who doesn’t love feeling pampered on a daily basis!?!

Here are my go-to daily/weekly shower products:  For my face I alternate depending on the time of the year or what I’m feeling between NYR’s anti-aging Rejuvinating Frankinsense and in the winter Nourishing Orange Flower which is for dry skin (I have combination so I sometimes will use the Frankinsense moisturizer with the orange flower wash and toner).  For exfoliating I use the Geranium & Orange Body Scrub once a week.  For shaving and after shower moisturizing I use organic Coconut oil (not an NYR product) though I have just recently heard that the Men’s close shave soap is amazing so I will be trying that soon.  For a Spa experience at home I die for the Aromatic Foaming Bath it is HANDS DOWN my FAVORITE product they have.  With just a small little squirt, my bathroom is transformed into an instant lavender spa!  It is seriously everything that you want in a bubble bath!  I am so in love with the aromatherapy of the aromatic foaming bath that I often take it into the shower and put a bit in my and, lather it up and just inhale; it’s a 10 second de-stresser!

So there it is, the pampering that I receive every morning during my 12 minute shower 🙂

If you have been dabbling with the idea of transitioning from conventional body products I HIGHLY recommend this company; and if you are looking for your first product to purchase I would recommend the aromatic foaming bath for sure.  I give it to everyone for gifts… new mother gifts, hostess gifts, “thinking of you” gifts, bereavement gifts… you name it, I give it and everyone loves it!  I usually pair it with a China Burner and Lavender essential oil in fact I love it so much, I also burn it in my office 🙂


Being a mom is an ongoing learning process

So you’re a mom…of course you’re doing the best you can but you can only be as good as what you know.  Like most mom’s I constantly worry about what my little ones are being exposed to on a daily basis, for this reason I breast fed, I buy organic products when I can I wash toys on a regular basis but sometimes I come across a product or an article that blows my mind and I have to adapt and make changes.  I recently found a company that I just absolutely love!  What is it… The Honest Company (THC) and it’s not just because I’m a fan of the uber cool president/CEO Jessica Alba but because their products are FANTASTIC!  Prior to rocking my world, I was using Huggies Naturals wipes for my little precious peanuts…. It says Natural and it’s the best option that I have at Target (which had sadly become my second home after the birth of my first baby).  Then I was introduced to THC and I figured I’d try their wipes…they were a few dollars more but nothing earth shattering.  Today I found a website where you are able to look up the toxic profile  of products…. OMG my “Naturals” (not surprising – they’re a Huggies product afterall) are not so natural and my new found love for THC grew stronger… check out the results!

Huggies :


Some may say “well Huggies only got a 3…it’s not so bad” and I would agree; but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.  We are constantly being bombarded by free-radicals, carcinogens etc. so if we make changes in the areas that we can, then we reduce our overall toxic overload.  This mom is sleeping a touch better now knowing I am wiping those sweet little tooshies a little more honestly…pun intended 🙂